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BohusRec is a trivial name of chronology which can be compiled from the four oak collections QUSP from four different sites in Bohuslän (Göteborgs och Bohus län) at the Swedish west coast by Kjeld Christensen and Kent Havemann. The material is available at ITRDB in CATRAS-format (.cat-files in the update section)[1], and therefor not found by the search engine.

These files can be added to an empty collection in CDendro[2] through the menu command "Collections/Add to this collection/Add any dendro files..."

Chronology name: S003M001 Åby Säteri 10 trees 1722-1992 58°26′24″N 11°20′60″E[3]
Chronology name: S004M001 Gullmarsberg (Single trees in parkland) 10 trees 1740-1992 58°23′60″N 11°39′36″E[4]
Chronology name: S005M001 Sundsby Säteri 12 trees 1694-1992 58°2′24″N 11°39′36″E
Chronology name: S006M001 Tjöstelsröd 10 trees 1757-1992 58°12′0″N 11°55′48″E


  2. This works in CDendro 7.3 and 7.5 2012-03-20 or later.
  3. According to description but Åby säteri is at 58°26′35″N 011°26′6″E about 5 km away.
  4. According to description but Gullmarsberg is at 58°22′55″N 11°39′3″E