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In this collection dated pine (Pinus sylvestris) samples from various buildings in Floda socken in Dalarna, Sweden (where Björbo is located). It persist of samples not already included in Swed305. Some segments of single cores may be better to remove according to low correlation. The file may grow, when new samples are collected.

Sample description

  • FHKA: 5 mm cores was taken with an increment borer trough the round logs in the timber walls in the old hey barn at the so called Hökkärråkern in Mossel. (60º31'17"N, 14º44'26"E). Most of the logs were PISY. [1]
  • TpOG: Cores with increment borer in round logs in the barn at 60º27'20.7"N, 14º42'53.2"E in Björbo. Some of the logs shows fire scares. [2]

Tree ring data


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  2. Axelson, T., Ladan vid vägen öster om Storänget, Björbo, 2009-03
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