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One of the main reasons for this wiki is to publish dendrochronological reference data. In this Cybis wiki project page and its discussion standards for this scope is documented and discussed.



  • Collection name (eg. Swed305 or Petmyra (PISY-ref). This page contains internal and/or external links to available data sets (also to earlier versions hide in the page history, which may be of interest as referred to in old dating reports.
    • Data pages (eg. Swed305/w) Subpages to the collection name page, ending with e.g /w or adequate letter according to type of data. Note: Only datasets which are free (GFDL or CC-BY-SA) or you are the owner of, and you are willing to release under those licenses, are possible to upload here. Note that several sub pages may exist for the same Collection.

Name conventions for sub pages

  • .../w (Full ring width data, raw measurements only. Tucson format)

Useful templates

Related categories

Useful external links

  • ITRDB search
  • "Projekt extraterrestrial": External factors forcing conifer growth variability at different frequencies during the Holocene in Northern Europe and application to ensure sustainable forest

management., a Research project funded by the European commission. Contract No: ERBIC15CT980123,


This list may not be complete. For the full list see Category:Tree Ring measurement data collections and Category:Tree ring measurement data descriptions
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