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At the "Laboratoire de Chrono-Ecologie, Université de Franche-Comté" there are a few published dendro data files stored in Besancon .txt format.

Some files are stored in a special normalized format with curves looking almost as ring width curves though with both positive and negative values running above and below a zero line. If the values are offset to make the most negative value positive and also set at a new value corresponding to an expected most narrow ring width value, the resulting "ring width file" may be used for crossdating. Be careful when selecting the new smallest value. A too small value may fool your matching algorithms (see Lars-Åke Larsson: How to get fooled by your normalization method and some too narrow ring widths).

Also published ring-width-look-alike files from Besancon may be stored as only positive values though the smallest value is set to "1". Such files will easily fool the Hollstein or Baillie/Pilcher algorithms.


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