How to measure only the five outer rings?

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How to measure only the five outer rings?

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Today I got a question on how to measure only the five outer rings of a number of samples.

Measuring just exactly not more than five rings is a very special case that nobody else has asked me for!
I understood that the questioner had tried it and found that it does not work in CDendro!
That is because with five rings you get at best only four normalized values to work with for synchronization.
And I once decided to set a limit on samples - it is anyhow not much meaningful to do crossdating at this level.

The solution is to measure at least SIX rings in CooRecorder, because this is the lowest number of rings allowed in a sample in CDendro.

A number of such short .pos files can easily be imported in one operation to a collection in CDendro by using the menu command
Collections/Add to this collection/Select any dendro files.
Then Ctrl-Click on those .pos files you want to import or click on the uppermost and then Shift-click on the one at the bottom of the list to select all the files in between.
Then you get all the files with the outermost ring at the same offset (0) in your collection.

If you want to process the width data in another program you can easily export the collection's data
with the collection menu command "Save current collection .../In tabular format (for import into a spreadsheet program)"
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