"Help lines" as paths to follow when measuring

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"Help lines" as paths to follow when measuring

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Olivier Bouriaud recently wrote me:
The second improvement (if one considers it as one) would be the ability to draw a line and then to have the cursor following it
during the ring-border delineation process, the way things work in DendroScan or Lignovision for ex.
It is easier to draw lines perpandicular to ring borders first and then go along the line and set the limits, that's why.
An idea I got on how to implement this would be like this:
We create a new tool for setting out a group with two points (i.e. a pair). What to name it? LineMarker?
This type of group is special, like the GapMarker points introduced just a week ago.
Then we set out the first point, and then move the cursor to set out the second point.
At best there should be a line drawn from the first point to the current position of the cursor until the second point is set (so you see the line already before the second point is set!).
Then continue with the next pair until finished, or until selecting another tool.
This would work in manual mode. And the result is a number of straight lines which do not need to be connected.

More tricky would be to ask CooRecorder to do an automatic measurment along these curves, though it could be
implemented like this:
From first point going to the next point in the pair. Then searching for the nearest "LineMarker point" and starting out from that to its second point etc.
May be it can be implemented in code.

Is this what we want?
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