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Where to buy increment borers on the internet?

Posted: 12 Nov 2009, 19:26
by Lars-Ake
Haglof has an extensive site with information on various tools. You will find it at
You will also find their product catalog as a .pdf file there to download.

Some 1-2 years ago I bought an increment borer directly from them, so probably you can get some price
information from them by emailing them or by calling by telephone.

The Swedish company Skogma has openly published prices for various tools. You can find them at
The price of an increment borer is some 150 Euros.

Re: Where to buy increment borers on the internet?

Posted: 13 Nov 2009, 10:24
by taxelson
(Lars-Åke asked me to paste some lines from an email I recently wrote on this topic, as a reply - some of the info is already in the original post - but here they are:)

There are two manufactures of increment borers as I know.

It is the Finnish Suunto (which I have never used myself) ... 4442493310

And the Swedish Haglöf ... 88&lang=en

(My experiens is that the best is to buy directly from Halgöfs - but I am in Sweden, so I do not know how it works to other countries. Otherwise some company dealing with equipment for forestry, in Sweden Skogma, but I guess there are some similar company in Finland)

I am using a 40 cm (2 threaded) and a 25 cm (3 threaded) Haglöfs. The short one works best in log-houses of coniferous wood. The long one is useful for living trees and for big oak beams (mainly in wind mills...). There are several diamerers, but the 5 mm is the best for our purpose, I think. Maybe a 30 cm 3 treaded may be a good compromise, if you will be working with pine and spruce mainly.