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Cybis Wiki

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We have started a Wiki for dendrochronology. A wiki is a site where anybody (with an account) may contribute to the content.

There are not yet very much useful information on the Cybis Wiki, except for a list of available references useful in southern and central Scandinavia and some related links. We hope this wiki will be a useful place to share reference material and also single, potentially useful samples. Maybe you have a lot of dated samples, but need some help to construct a reference. The wiki could be an opportunity to cooperate about the compiliation and to get it reviewed befor sending it to the ITRDB. It is also a site where all types of useful information about dendrochronology may be gathered.

A great feature with the wiki technology is that all old versions will be archived and available. So a mistake can always be reverted.

So welcome to look around at the wiki and welcome to register for an account (follow the link in the right upper corner). To fulfill the registration you will have to follow a link sent to your e-mail. Please ask me or Lars-Åke if you may have any problems with this.

Cybis wiki main page: (general information and orientation)
Reference list Scandinavia ... candinavia

List of all pages: ... &limit=250

Best regards

/Torbjörn Axelson
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