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Turku-QUSP (QUB) consists of recent oak samples found in the QUB collection[1] and covers the timespan 1719-1984. It is supposed to be from the Turku area in southwestern Finland, according to available information. This assumption is at least not contradicted by checking towards available Scandinavian and Baltic Oak references. It may be a good idea to remove the very oldest part when creating a master of this collection.



Cybis CDendro, Algorithm: Proportion of last two years growth (2,0,T
Correlations between available references (corr>0.19) and Turku-QUSP
dated to 1984 with corr >= 0,20 and with overlap >= 85 
Results sorted according to decreasing correlation coefficient values.
                    T-  Over
           Corr   Test   lap
all...     0.39   6.84   265   based on 7 members
SisshQU    0.37   4.23   115  Sisshammar,Tyresta, Sthlm, Sweden (Andreasson)           QUSP
BohusRec   0.27   4.54   265  Bohuslän, SE, Christensen & Havemann (ITRDB udda format) QUSP
POLA006_   0.27   4.54   265  T. Wazny, EAST POMERANIA,                                QURO
BrVQ2      0.26   2.49    85  Alf Bråthen: Western Sweden (1982), Block 2              QUSP
BrVQ1      0.25   4.14   256  Alf Bråthen: Western Sweden (1982), Block 1              QUSP
se005-go   0.22   3.60   265  Gotland (Lunds Universitet, "extraterastrial")           PISY
HallandQ   0.20   2.27   131  Halland (Bråthen/Andersson)  2009-06-16                  QUSP 

SisshQU, BohusRec, POLA006, BrVQ1, BrVQ2, SE005, HallandQ


  1. QUB:Q5423 to QUB:Q5467, but three of them were excluded because of probable errors, QUB:Q5447 (duplicated ring at 1805) and QUB:Q5449 (low corr in a segment). Also a few "multi-radii" samples were excluded when a mean value sample was present.
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