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Systeröd-PISY-1921-2006 is a very short, recent pine collection from a stand in Systeröd in northestern Bohuslän in western Sweden 58°46′N 11°47′E, by Lars-Åke Larsson. The altitude is about 150 m a.s.l. This collection consists of measurements from 11 trees. At least four samples depth: 1946-2006. This collection may indicate that pine samples from this area are very difficult to date because of the current lack of suitable published references. (Towards most known references there are correlations just about 0.3). Best match is towards Södra Vi-PISY, another short collection from northeastern Småland about 265 km away, which is the best candidate with corr=0.49 (0.53 for the block 1946-2006).

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