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Swed310 is a collection of Pinus sylvestris from Bettna, Södermanland, south-west of Stockholm, Sweden (58°54′N 16°38′E), created by Lars-Åke Larsson. It covers the time span AD 1661-1997.

There is a big gap of 60 years in the middle of the curve but the older part is properly crossdated towards curves from more distant places. The older part is based on some logs from a house at "Bettna Frälsegård".

The collection was delivered to ITRDB on April 4 2006. It is no big collection but it may be useful for anybody who wants to check what correlation values to expect from other samples from this area when crossdating towards available longer references from other more or less nearby locations. It may also be used as a starting point for a longer collection or as a part when creating a mean value collection of eastern middle Sweden.


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