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Swed308 is a collection of Pinus sylvestris by Lars-Åke Larsson and covers the time span AD 1733-2003. The samples come from Saltsjöbaden, east of Stockholm, Sweden, 59°17′N 18°18′E.

Samples were taken from living or fallen trees except the group SNKBxx, which are poles of an old pier (Kolbryggan) in the bay Pålnäsviken, which have been standing in clay for a 110 years. The sample SNSU01 is taken from the Skutudden cottage.

The collection was delivered to ITRDB on April 3 2006.

This is no big collection but it may be useful for a person who wants to check what correlation values to expect from other samples from this area when crossdating towards available longer references from other more or less nearby locations.

The collection consists of three files: one with full ring widths, the others marked l and e with Latewood and Earlywood measuments.


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