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Swed305 is a collection of Ring width measurements only data from PISY samples collected in and around Björbo in Sweden by Torbjörn Axelson and available from the ITRDB. It contains measurements for the period 1450 AD to 2002 AD. The samples are from living trees from various sites and from buildings in and around the village.

Swed305 was built up during 2002-2004 and published in ITRDB 2004. It was at that time the only freely available tree ring reference for Dalarna area, and therefore built independent of established chronologies. Later it has been verified towards for instance SE007 and to some extent towards Swed023. After swed305 was published in 2004, a lot of new samples from the Björbo-area and from other parts of Dalarna have been collected and chronologies built up, but none of them have yet (May 2009) been transferred to the ITRDB.

There are two known (minor) problems with swed305:

  1. Unfortunately the sample identities are not fully compatible with the CDendro naming standard. Some identities will then erroneously be interpreted as coming from the same stem.
  2. Most of the recent cores are average series of two or tree cores from the same tree, which is not according to the ITRDB standard.

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