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QUB, Queen's University in Belfast, provides more than 9000 pieces of raw, undated, measurement ring width data, mainly Quercus, but also some Pinus samples. A list is available at http://www.chrono.qub.ac.uk/bennett/dendro_data/dendro.html. It also contain a bibliography. The main scope is Northern Ireland, but a lot of samples from all over the British Islands and also some from France are included. The recent tree samples are listed at http://chrono.qub.ac.uk/Resources/dendro_data/BELFAST_TREE_LIVING.pdf (dead link).

Update 9 March 2015: Between 2010 and 2013 the QUB measurement series were available at http://chrono.qub.ac.uk/Resources/dendro_data/dendro.html After that most of the series could be found at http://www.chrono.qub.ac.uk/bennett/dendro_data/dendro.html

though 539 series of the old samples were then missing (including Q10705M) and 50 series had been added.

Douglas Keenan who requested the series from QUB, has lately republished all the original QUB series (including Q10705M), see http://www.informath.org/apprise/a3900/b10/dendro.html

Assembled Site-wise chronologies

There are three preliminary site-wise (one mean value curve for each site) Irish chronologies available:

  • BelfastAD.fh, a collection of mean value curves covering the time AD 25 - 2006
  • LateBC.fh, a collection - floating in time - but possibly crossdatable towards the German oak chronology to 1155 BC - 69 BC. It should then be noted that we consider the Celtic and Roman block of the Hollstein reference as floating (see our section on the Hollstein data), i.e. the current dating of the LateBC collection might be wrong!
  • BelfastLong.fh, a bog-oak collection covering 4615 years. We are not able to crossdate it towards the LateBC collection - so it is floating!

See: Petra Ossowski Larsson & Lars-Åke Larsson: An Irish tree ring chronology: An interpretation of some raw dendrochronology data published by the Queen's University Belfast,

Samples from Scandinavia and the Baltic Sea in the QUB collection


Western Sweden

Towards reference HallandQ. See: QUB-Halland for details.

Possibly also:

Northern Poland or around

Towards reference Pola006 (ITRDB: pola006.rwl info)

Queen Mary's House seems very convincing. The Tadlow samples are measured in 0.1 mm resolution only, and the corr-values are not high enough to be absolutely sure of this date and provenience.

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