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Novgorod in Russia 58°34′48″N 31°15′0″E. An old collection by B.A Kolchin is available as ITRDB: russ1.rwl info AD 880-1461. This collection however contains several severe errors, and the old part i not reliable at all. It is also mis-dated one year too late. But based on samples in Kolchin's a corrected collection is available here, where the part AD 1099-1400 is of good quality.

Pattern of correlations

Cybis CDendro, Algorithm: P2Yrs: Proportion of last two years growth (2,0,T)
Correlations between 'best' references and Novg1
dated to 1400 with corr >= 0.26 and with overlap >= 88 
Results sorted according to decreasing correlation coefficient values.
                    T-  Over
           Corr   Test   lap
all...     0.44   8.59   301   based on 7 members
JutFr-PI   0.53   5.80    88    1585  Härbre från Färnäs, Mora                                PISY
Savolinn   0.51  10.26   301    2002  Savonlinna-området. Sammanslagna från  ITRDB            PISY
swed022w   0.31   5.34   272    1987  Gotland (Schweingruber)                                 PISY
se007      0.31   5.55   301    1888  Dalarna region (Lunds Universitet, "extraterastrial")   PISY
se005-go   0.28   4.79   275    1987  Gotland (Lunds Universitet, "extraterastrial")          PISY
BratPISY   0.27   3.73   175    1904  Mälardalen area, publ. Bråthen                          PISY
Dal1350    0.26   4.69   301    1448  Dalarna, region, T. Axelson, B. Israels                 PISY


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