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NorrlandTradedPISY is a Pinus sylvestris collection of wood obviously originating from the north of Sweden (Norrland) though the exact growth locations are not known as the wood has been found in buildings elsewhere. The collection covers the time 1513-1874, though with only one sample 1513-1542.


Origin of identities starting with:

  • NMSNP: from boards (outside wooden panel) of the Sandviken house, Västanvik, Nämdö. (Collected by Lars-Åke Larsson)
  • WBG: from a board in an old barn at Långholmen, Runmarö (Lars Westerberg), an island east of Stockholm. (Collected by Lars-Åke Larsson)
  • SNP0: from boards of a big villa built in 1907 in Saltsjobaden. (Collected by Lars-Åke Larsson)
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