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MalaxPCAB is a Picea abies chronology from Malax area in Österbotten, Finland by Stefan Blomqvist 1772-1876. Malax is situated at the north eastern coast of the Bothnian Sea. 62°56′N 21°34′E. It seems to be useful for dating coast near spruce chronologies around the Bothnian Sea (and perhaps the Bothnian Gulf too).


Relation to other collections

Cybis CDendro Algorithm: Proportion of last two years growth (2,0,T
Correlations between the reference MalaxPCAB, dated to 1876, and each of 3 checked members of the collection
                  Member offset to ref--------------
                  Off Over *P2Yrs------  BaPi-------
         Years    set  lap  CorrC TTest  CorrC TTest
all...     433   -130  104   0,60   7,6   0,55   6,7
finl012    178   -102   75   0,68   8,0   0,70   8,3   (Nat.P.Liesjärve, Finland)
swed011    300   -102  104   0,43   4,8   0,36   3,9   (Glommersträsk, Sweden)
swed312    432   -129  104   0,45   5,1   0,40   4,4   (Dalarna, Sweden)

Finl012 ITRDB: finl012.rwl info, swed011 ITRDB: swed011.rwl info, swed312 ITRDB: swed312.rwl info

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