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Various dated samples. Sometimes we get the opportunity to measure and date some odd sample - odd in the meaning that it comes from an area or covers a timespan where there are no other or too few samples available to form a useful chronology. By publishing measurements of such material in a systematic way and under a free license, such samples will sooner or later become useful for compiling new, freely available chronologies.


Pinus sylvestris

Northern coast of Sweden and Finland

Stockholm wide area

Åland sea and Archipelago sea coasts

Bothnian Sea coasts

South east Sweden, coast near

Picea abies

  • AkulPCAB Glommersträsk, Lappland 1610-1884 (3 stems)


Southwestern Sweden


  • Halm171-5, Samples from boat boards found in Halmstad, originaly from Poland. AD 1232-1399

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