Kungsberg PISY

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Kungsberg PISY is a Pinus sylvestris collection from the area around Järbo in western Gästrikland and eastern Dalarna, by Jan-Olov Språng. The altitudes in the area is about 200 m a s l, but there are also mountains above 300 m. A mean sample of this collection will give very high correlation values towards references from central Dalarna. It cover the timespan 1441-2005 AD (At least five samples depth: 1523-1971). 60°46′N 16°28′E


Origin of samples

  • AkrB1: Old barn at Åkras, Järbo.
  • Brsv: Old barn at Brosveds, Kungsberg.
  • Flhbr: Old barn at Flodmans, Kungsberg.
  • Gmlgh: Old barn at Gammelgårds, Kungsberg.
  • Hinks: Old barn at Hindriks, Kungsberg.
  • JanOl: Old barn at Jan-Ols, Kungsberg.
  • Jbhh: Old barn at Järbo hembygsgård.
  • kehl: Disassembled barn from Kungsberg.
  • KroLRo: Living tree, Kungsberg. L:a Rojärvi.
  • Kusag: Prop from saw mill. Kungsberg.
  • Luhbr: Old barn from Luntas, Kungsberg.
  • Lumsh: Disassembled barn from Lumsheden.
  • Rokol: Living tree, Kungsberg. Rojärvivägen.
  • Serie: Drying house from Sevras, Järbo.
  • SeSta: Stable from Sevras, Järbo.
  • sth01: Living tree, Kungsberg. Hällan.
  • widow1: Preserved big stem near Jägarstugan.