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Kristberg is a village and parish in Motala municipality, Östergötland, Sweden. Between the church and the lake Boren, is an area with big oaks. Many of them are hollow, but not all. The area is also related to as Natura 2000-area[1]. The altitude is about 80 m a.s.l.

Dendrochronological data

Tree oaks were sampled 2009-07-22. Two of them through old bark wounds in order to get access to older rings and more easy to core wood. The third one was a too young tree to be really interesting - only 70 rings accessible with a 40 cm borer. The 3 samples covers the time span:

KrbE01a 1835-1918 58°34′33″N 15°12′45″E
KrbE02a 1728-1939
KrbE03a 1938-2008 58°34′29″N 15°12′29″E

The best correlation is towards Resent Skåne chronologies (by Bartholin, 1973-1800). The oldest part of KrbE2 and KrbE03a are not possible to verify towards available chronologies. A few more samples from this site would be valuable.


  1. Natura 2000-område Kristberg, kod SE0230275,
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