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Husaby-Gökhem-Göteve-Kestad oak. In Alf Bråthens webpage[1] he attach measurements from a few oak samples from four medieval churches in Västergötland (Diocese of Skara): Husaby, Gökhem, Göteve and Kestad. There are six raw measurement series and one mean value series (average of five). Note that the measurement lists starts with the youngest ring. Two of the samples are erroneously dated, one date has not yet been possible to confirm, and the mean-sample has, by unknown reasons, low correlation values. The samples was compared towards each other and the references HallandQU and BVSQgt4 (2009-06-16). I.e a temporary reference was created for each sample, based on the two references and the other dated samples (confirmed or redated) in the collection.[2] A .zip-file containing a .rwl-file with the revised version of the material, is available here.


Comments on the samples

(The identities used in the revised version between brackets.)

Husaby church

Husaby kyrka, Dating report by Alf Bråthen (Swedish), 58°31′31″N 13°22′47.9″E, see also Wikipedia (Swedish) article about Husaby_kyrka and Wikipedia (Deutsch) article about Kirche_von_Husaby

  • HUSABY 8 (HUSABY8): 173 rings, AD 850-1022 (confirmed). (Prop2yrs: corr=0.46, TTest=6.3)
  • HUSABY 18 (HUSABY18): 69 rings, (AD 1004-1072 but not confirmed) It is a too short sample to be dated towards available, not so local references. TTest is about 4 for several positions, among them 1072. Maybe a stronger local reference was used for this date?

Gökhem church

Gökhem church dating report by Alf Bråthen. See also Wikipedia (Swedish) article about Gökhems_kyrka and Wikipedia (Deutsch) article about Kirche_von_Gökhem. Geographical coordinates:58°10′25.4″N 13°24′28.2″E.

  • GÖKEKMV (GoKEKMV): 135 rings, mean sample of five, (AD 926-1060 not confirmed, but maybe correct according to block analysis but still too low corr and TTest. There may possibly be some problem behind the avarage.)
  • Gökhem 127 (Gkhm127): 137 rings, Date according to the web page: AD 1098, but correct date is 960-1096. Corr=0.43 TTest=5.6 and the block correlation analysis supports 1096 for the sample in all its length.
  • Gökhem 127D (Gkhm127D): 160 rings, AD 882-1042 (confirmed) Probably from the same tree as Gökhem 127 (and no sapwood in any of them). Corr=0.51, TTest=7.5.


Dating report (Swedish) by Alf Bråthen. Geographical coordinates: 58°7′25.8″N 13°24′47.2″E

  • Göteve 6 (Gteve6): 239 rings (14 sapwood rings). Date according to the web page: AD 1092, but correct date is 1486-1724 Corr=0.48, TTest=8.4, and also very strong support for 1724 from the block analysis. This beam is obviously not a part of the original construction, and do not date the church (hopefully there are other, correct dated samples, too, which still does, but they are not yet published...).

Kestad church

Kestads kyrka (Swedish) by Alf Bråthen. Geographical coordinates: 58°33′55″N 13°27′0″E

  • Kestad 1 (Kestad1): 167 rings, AD 963-1130 (confirmed). Corr=0.46, TTest=6.7 and support from block analysis.


  1. The measurements are at (WebCite-archive)
  2. The program CDendro and the normalization method "Proportion of last two years" was used for this analysis.
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