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HallandQU, Halland, south western Sweden, QUSP covering the time span 938-1850 (Measurements from four or more trees: 991-1207, 1318-1681)

This chronology is mainly compiled of (handwritten) lists of measurements data, delivered by Alf Bråthen to the County Museum in Halmstad (Länsmuseet Halmstad), digitalized by Arne Andersson and independently[1] crossdated by Arne Andersson and Torbjörn Axelson. Samples (or sometimes parts of samples) with bad correlations were removed. The measurements done by Alf Bråthen are in the resolution 0.1 mm. The collection also includes some original measurements by Arne Andersson in resolution 0.01 mm. The collection may be enlarged in the future.

A few more samples probably from Halland covering 1265 - 1560 are available in the QUB-collection. See: QUB-Halland.


List of samples

Samples beginning with HaA, measured by Arne Andersson (A.A), the others by Alf Bråthen (A.B.)

  • HaA225 (6 series) Getinge Church, Choir floor, 56°47′59″N 12°43′30.4″E (Arne Andersson)
  • HaB087 (2 series) (Alf Bråthen)
  • HaB087-220 Archaeological excavation at Storgatan, Halmstad
  • HaBu01 Östra hamnbassängen (the eastern port basin), Halmstad
  • HaBu04-33 Archaeological excavation at Köpmansgatan, Halmstad
    • HaBu30a (zero ring inserted)
  • HAL025-HAL184
  • KVIB001-002
  • LIND02-38
    • LIND02a, 1264: according to original list "10" (0.1 mm) but that is obviously either wrong or very untypical, therefore set to -999. LIND02b from the same stem has "100" (1.0 mm) for this year.
  • LoB01-20
    • LoB05B Block 0-109, 8 youngest removed because of bad corr. (redated)
    • LoB07 8 youngest removed in sample A, because of bad corr. value. (redated)
  • OlB2-OlB4 Olme
  • OSA256-258: Ösarp, samples from an archaeological well, Laholm, Halland, 1115-1220, 25m a.s.l, 56°31′08″N 13°00′39″E[3]
    • OSA256a1 & OSA256a2: Only the oldest and the youngest part of the original sample OSA256a is used because the segment 1150-1169 consists of too narrow rings (0.1-0.3 mm) to be meaningful in the low resolution available (0.1 mm), and as one ring is obviously missing somewhere in this segment.
  • OVRA02-14


  1. In most cases the dating done by Bråthen was confirmed
  2. This version may occur as reference in some reports dated between 2007-12-17 and 2009-06-15
  3. Skiftesverksbrunnen har anläggningsnummer A 2339 arkeologisk undersökning 1993. Rapport av Ulf Viking & Tina Fors: Ösarp Vikingatida och tidigmedeltida agrarbebyggelse i södra Halland, Stiftelsen Hallands länsmuseer Landsantikvarien, (RAÄ, FMIS: Laholms landsförsamling 197 uppgift om brunnen saknas dock i online versionen). Fastighet: Laholms landsförsamling Ösarp 1:21, 2:15
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