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GrangardePISY, a collection of Pinus sylvestris samples from Grangärde parish is southern Dalarna 60°15′N 14°58′E AD 1366-2006 (samples from at least 4 trees: 1412-2006), by Torbjörn Axelson. The altitudes are from 150 m (Lake Väsman) and mainly about 200 m, but some smaller areas are also above 300 m and even a few around 400 m. The samples are from various sites, both from living trees and several buildings in the area. Some of the living trees have had their roots in contact with lakes (Samples with identities starting with Mal... are from around lake Malingarna and those with Korss... from around the lake Björken). The chronology is still weak for the period 1766-1802 (samples from only 6-9 trees) and before 1504 (samples from 1-9 trees.

This chronology (version from 2006) has also been used in combinations with other chronologies: BjörboGr (swed305+GrangardePISY) and SödraDal (consisting of most available samples from southern Dalarna).



Origin of the samples

Samples beginning with:

Comments about some samples

All identities ending with an "m", are average series, usually created from two samples from the same stem.

  • GHp04a: Truncated
  • GHp05a: Truncated
  • GHp08a: Truncated
  • JutbSs4a: Average of two samples taken in the same direction, but both damaged, one in the beginning and the other in the end.
  • JutS1m: Average. Block 7-169 of JutS1m
  • korss11a: Truncated
  • korss13b Truncated
  • Mal11a Truncated
  • Mal12b Truncated
  • Mal13a Truncated
  • Mal24a Truncated
  • Mal24b Truncated

More information may be in the dating reports if a such is mentioned above.


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