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East Anglia Incident chronology files. The Climatic Research Unit email controversy (dubbed "Climategate" in the media) began in November 2009 with the Internet leak of thousands of emails and other documents from the University of East Anglia's Climatic Research Unit out of a server hacking. Among these documents some "classical" european oak chronologies became available to anybody interested.

These chronology files are found in the FOIA-file available at several places on the net: search for e.g.: "FOIA/documents/briffa-treering-external/belfast/masters/". An appended comment dated March 1995 classifies these files as "Modern European Ring Width Masters". So at that time they were considered "state of the art".

All these files have extension .dat in their names. If this is changed into ".datw" they can easily be read by CDendro through the command Samples/Open ring width files. They can also all be imported into CDendro in one operation (without changing the extension). For this, put them into an empty directory, create a new empty collection in CDendro and use the command "Add to this collection/BULK addition: Select a directory and add all files..." When asked, tell CDendro that these files are of type ".datw or Belfast Apple formatted file" The end-year number of each series is available at the end of the files and can be found with a text editor. In CDendro these end-years can be entered as an offset preceded by "y", like "y1970" when editing the properties of each collection member.

An alternative is to synchronize the members through a calculation, see e.g. the CDendro help on "Synchronizing a collection". The whole collection can then be dated by crossdating towards e.g. the ITRDB: germ011.rwl info. For your research demand only, here is a zipped version EastAngliaMasters.zip.

The chronologies