Dalarna pre AD1350 PISY

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Dalarna pre AD1350 PISY is a collection of various Pinus sylvestris samples from Dalarna which contains annual rings for the time before 1350. Those samples are relatively rare and therefore a wide regional collection of samples from various sites may be useful. Some of the samples are already included in other collections. Also samples from more recent time are qualified if they go down to 1320 or earlier.



Identities starting with:

  • Alh: Älvdalen, (Bertil Israels) see ÄlvdalenPISY
  • EvBe: Älvdalen, (B. Israels) see ÄlvdalenPISY
  • Gaprg: Reused log found in a building belonging to Gamla prostgården (old deanery) in Gagnef, (B. Israels), 60°35′30″N 15°3′47″E
  • HunsB02:Härbre floor (half logs) in Andersjans Härbre in Hunsen, B.Israels (only the part before 1534 is included here)
  • Ippi: Building in Floda parish (Torbjörn Axelson), see report (in Swedish)
  • JutFr: Härbre from Färnäs, Mora, now in Grangärde (Torbjörn Axelson), see report (in Swedish).
  • KLBM11m: Subfossil log found in Klackbumyran, Nås sn, T.Axelson 2010. The tree grown at firm ground and fallen into the wet. Mean of several radii.
  • Man: Älvdalen (B. Israels) see ÄlvdalenPISY
  • NusHg: Nusnäs hembygdsgård (B. Israels)
  • Rals: Old log found in lake Rälsjön (B. Israels), 60°45′N 15°18′E
  • zorg: Eldhuset, Zorns gammelgård, Mora, by T. Axelson and B. Israels, see Zorns gammelgård, Eldhuset
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