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This page is under construction, see also Cybis Wiki:Upload policy(sv)

Cybis Wiki Policy for uploading images and other files

Because of server capacity and security reasons, Cybis Wiki does not allow all registered users to upload images or other files.


As image files on Cybis Wiki have to be under a free license (GFDL, CC-BY-SA or PD), most of them also will be accepted by Wikimedia Commons (e.g tree rings, plants, constructions or details of constructions, tools and equipment). (Screen shots of not free software will probably be rejected). Cybis Wiki policy therefore is that the image (in as good resolution as possible) should be uploaded at Wikimedia Commons. When an article on Cybis Wiki needs an illustration, which is available at Commons, a request for upload could be done by anyone. An administrtor will upload a "thumb nail version" just enough for illustration, and a link to the Commons image.

A request is done by inserting the text {{Request|filename.jpg|Optional text under the image}} in the article you are writing. (to speed up the request you also may a note at some of the upload users. A flag like this will than occur:

Commons file wanted
Optional text under the image

Big dendro data collections

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