CDendro naming standard

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To let CDendro know which radius comes from which tree, you should carefully select the identities of your samples.

  • Five samples from two different trees could be named NM01A, NM01B, NM02A, NM02B1, NM02B2.
  • The identity for a tree should end with a digit. An optional following letter indicates a radius.
  • One radius may be divided into two samples if they are named e.g. NM02B1 and NM02B2.
  • The identity is not case sensitive in CDendro. I.e. NM01A will mean the same as Nm01a - though another software package may be sensitive to this.

Even if CDendro itself is able to handle very long identity names, it is strongly recommended that the restrictions of the Tucson format are followed (i.e. not more than 7 or 8 characters). Otherwise the identities will be truncated when the data is written to a Tucson format file.