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BratPISY This mean curve (chronology) was published (as a list of digits) by Alf Bråthen 1995,[1] but he has borrowed it from a rather unspecified Russian source, published in Moscow[2] It is compiled from pines in the area south and west of Stockholm. The table in the book covers the timespan AD 1083-1992. Unfortunately the chronology have some severe problems. They are revealed when doing a block analysis towards a combination of references from Gotland, Dalarna and Småland[3] and local Stockholm area references for the youngest part.

The oldest part (before about 1283) is erroneously dated 9 years too late. There are also several segments which does not match towards other references and have to be removed. Among them the youngest 100 years.


BratPISY-rev.rwl "Washed" and corrected version. Segments with low correlation values towards other references removed, and the 9 year error in the oldest part is corrected.


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  • Alf Bråthen: Dated wood from Gotland and the diocese of Skara, Forlaget Hikuin, 1995, ISBN 87-87270-75-7
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