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Historical: 1197-1490

Block 2b is very problematic[1], which is revealed by a block analysis. It was dated by Bråthen to 1490, and the youngest part is obviously correctly dated, but the older part does not correlate at all to other references at its given position! Instead that older part correlates as if the whole 2b-block should be dated to 1197, i.e the samples in the oldest part are erroneously dated 293 years too late! Samples of two very different ages have been mixed together.

When carefully reading the documentation and constructing the samples positions and lengths these mistakes were revealed: Six samples from Götene and Kungslena churches which are from early 12'th century have been mixed into the chronology at a position 293 years too late. As there is only an average series available, only the early and late ends of Block 2b may be used in a new reference as these "clean ends" are based on one curve and are not created as a mean value mix of incorrectly matched chronology members, i.e 904-974 (misdated as 1197-1267) and 1419-1490.

On page 32-33 is a list of 12 samples which are said to be the samples in the average series "Block2b", but that list is not correct. That is obvious when compared to the number of samples said to be behind each value in the average chronology. The correct list could almost be reconstructed from the complementary list at pp. 90-94 and the years when the number of samples per year are altered in the chronology. It is than revealed that one sample from Hedared is forgotten in the first list and that one sample from Götene church is confused i the table.

Id Bråthen's id Description use Correct dating (used part)
Ba1 Bälinge 1 1436-1314 yes yes
Ba2 Bälinge S. remstycke 1482-1313 yes yes
Ba3 Bälinge N. remstycke 1506-1280 1490-1280 yes
Go1 Götene 1 1418-1213 yes 1125-920[2]
Go3 Götene 3 1396-1239 yes 1103-946
Go4 Götene 4 1301-1157 1301-1197 1008-864 (-904)
Go5 Götene 5 1383-1198[3] yes 1090-905
He1 Hedared 1 1487-1338 yes yes
He3 Hedared 3[4] 1426-1268 1426-1302[5] yes
He4 Hedared 4 1455-1327 yes yes
He5 Hedared 5 1488-1346 yes yes
Ku1 Kungslena 1 1401-1268 yes 1108-975[6]
Ku2 Kungslena 2 1393-1227 yes 1100-934

In a book 1995 Bråthen is obviously aware of the correct datings for Götene church (1125) and Kungslena church (1118-1122).[7]

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