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Björbo is a rural village in Dalarna in Sweden. It is located at the river Västerdalälven in Floda parish, Dalarna and the municipality of Gagnef, 60°27′N 14°44′E. The surroundings are mainly forrests of Western taiga type, dominated by Pine Pinus sylvestris and Spruce Picea abies and some hardwoods not useful for dendrochronology, mainly birch (Betula sp.). Altitudes are in the range between about 200 meters up to 450 meters. There are also quite big bog areas of Sphagnum type with sparsely pine. One of them is Petmyra.

In the village and around are a lot of various timber buildings mainly from 18'th and 19'th century. It is quite easy to find living pine trees of up to about 250 years of age, but rarely older (spruces seldom more than 150 years). In the buildings mainly pine wood is used, but also spruce is found - though less frequent.

Dendrochronological references from Björbo area

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