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ÄlvdalenPISY. Älvdalen is a parish in northern Dalarna. This reference is still just a rather thin one, consisting of only a few samples, but covering av relatively long timespan: AD 1168-1768.

The samples

  • Alh Samples from a building (härbre) in central Älvdalen ("bad ends" of some samples were removed) by Bertil Israels
  • EvBe Samples from a medieval door in Evertsberg, sampled and measured by Bertil Israels.
  • GAMRh Samples from five logs from a building (Härbre) moved from the village Åsen, sampled and measured by Torbjörn Axelson[1]
  • Man Samples from a building (härbre) in Månsta (some samples were truncated), by Bertil Israels

As there are a lot of old buildings in the area, more samples may be available in the future.


  • ÄlvdalenPISY/rwl (AD 1168-1768, at least 3 samples depth: AD 1319-1612, maximum sample depth: 21)


  1. The report (in Swedish) contains more samples not suitable as reference http://taxelson.se/dendro/obj/GAMRh.pdf by Torbjörn Axelson
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