Measuring Latewood and Earlywood

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Measuring Latewood and Earlywood

Postby Lars-Ake » 04 Mar 2020, 11:21

have a question regarding Earlywood and Latewood (EW, LW) which I cannot solve, although I found the topic and some instructions on the web pages of the program.
The questions are:
(1) If we measure RW and create a *pos file which is dated by manually inserting the End Year. Is it later possible to open this *pos file and add EarlywoodLatewood (EW/LW) measurements and save the file under a new name? How to do this?
(2) After we created the *pos file containing RW and EW/LW boundaries, how should we save the data in CDendro to obtain separate series of EW, LW and RW width?
I will be grateful if you can help with advice which steps to do.

In CooRecorder: When you have all your yearly rings registered within a .pos file, then from the top-of-screen menu select DPI and data-type.
Select the radio-button "Measure latewood and earlywood". The gray W-icon/button will now light up in black/white instead of gray.
After you now select Data-picking mode (D-command) your new points will be "season-wood points" (looking green) and numberd like "11w".
Put your cursor to hover over that W-button and read the tooltip text carefully!
Then click the W-button to activate it - it now goes RED.
All points that you now click/pick are "seasonwood points" which look green.
You can then also use the "snap" mechanism described in the tooltip mentioned above. This usually makes higher precision.

When that W-icon looks red, you can also use the Auto-mode to insert seasonwood points (when wood i suitable for that).
But expect to get many incorrectly positioned points which you have to adjust. Remember that the C-command removes the last A-command.
When ready, save your .pos file. Possibly a good idea to use a new filename.
After some operations, the W-mode turns off by itself. You then have to press the W-key or click the W-button to
again enter W-mode. After some excercise you will find out how to work so that you can not only make new "W-points"
but also make new or adjust old "yearly-points".

After saving the file you can open it directly by clicking on the CDendro icon on the top menu.
Below the "two magnifier glasses" at the Curve display window there is now a small rectangle named "Ringtype".
If you select Latewood, the curves will show that. If you select earlywood the curves will show that.
You can now export latewood or earlywood as .wid-files: Samples/Save ring width data as...
The program will propose e.g. "testseason_L.wid" where L stands for Latewood and "E" stands for earlywood.

It is some work to do this export for many files, on the other hand if you do this successively for each sample when you check
the crossdating in CDendro, the job will not look that much.
If there is a severe need to automate this export-process, we could put the .pos files into a .fil collection and then export the content
as both L- and E-variant collection .rwl or .fh-files. But there is now no software for this in CDendro. For some reason I get almost no questions
related to Seasonwood registrations, so such a requirement has still been raised by nobody.

When you have all your .wid-files you can either add them successively to an empty or existing collection (i.e. first crossdate with CDendro)
or you can import them to a collection using Collections/Add to this collection/Select any dendro file to add (and make a Windows multi-select, i.e. use Ctrl-clicks) Then make a quick check of the crossdating with e.g. Test towards rest of collection. If only high corrcoeff-values shown, fine! Otherwise adjust your crossdating.

Best regards/Lars-Åke

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Re: Measuring Latewood and Earlywood

Postby Lars-Ake » 04 Mar 2020, 13:30

Just found out that there are already mechanisms to export latewood or earlywood from a collection consisting of "seasonwood-.pos-files".
Use the command Collections/Save late and earlywood.../Write latewood andalso /write earlywood.
There is also a special variant of the .rwl format which is only available within CDendro: ".rwc" which put latewood data at the end of the lines:
Though I have a notice of 7 March 2019 telling that I had just taken care of an error that prevented reading of .rwc files. But I cannot reproduce that error now. If you have the current 9.4 version of CDendro you should not have a problem with that.

So you do not have to export latewood and earlywood .wid-files one by one. You can put all your .pos files (best synchronized) into a collection
and then write out two big .rwl files with Latewood and Earlywood!

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