part of "An attempt to absolutely date the parts of the Irish oak chronology with dendrochronology",

Files to download:

These collections contain mean value files created out of site collections which we have synchronized out of raw measurement data.
  1. FranceAbsoluteADMean.fh: French AD master based on data from QUB and Willy Tegel (DCCD), dated 343 - 2008.
  2. Vehlow.fh: Three oak beams from a house in Vehlow, Brandenburg (near Berlin), dated 1708 - 1862. A very small example to demonstrate the "long distance match" between eastern Germany and northern Scandinavia. In this case the match against Torne Träsk is 0.17 (mean of four normalization methods) but only 0.07 towards the Finnish curve. When matched towards a mean of three Scandinavian curves we got 0.14.
  3. RomanAll.fh: A collection of Roman time related members from Trier, Belfast, England and France, dated 1155 BC to AD 328.

The files have been zipped together into the file