Errata and news related to the Hollstein data
by Lars-Åke Larsson & Petra Ossowski Larsson
Last update: 19 January 2016

Hollstein's dating of Minden Dom window now confirmed to be in error

When crossdating the Hollstein sample "MINDEN, DOM, FENSTER" labeled "MIN1" in our retrieved data set, we found no evidence for its dating to 913 (T-value=3.3). The best match was at 1029 though T-value only 4.1 This was anyhow noted as "MIN1 Minden, Dom, Fenster, 913-793, 1029???" in Retrieving some Hollstein data. The crossdating to 1029 has now been confirmed, see
Peter Barthold, Drei mittelalterliche Holzfenster im Mindener Dom. Neues zu drei sehr alten Fenstern
(mit einem Beitrag von Mechthild Neyses-Eiden). Westfalen, 90. Band 2012, pages 173-197

Roman bridge data starting at -340 and going to -24 should be extended to +71

The Hollstein "Jahrringstafeln" in Hollstein's book "Mitteleuropäische Eichenchronologie" contain mean value logarithmic ring width curves representing all the Hollstein collections.

A curve starting at -340 is first named "TRIER RÖMERBRÜCKE", then "TRIER" (-324 to -224), then "TRIER" (-224 to -124) and finally "TRIER RÖMERBRÜCKE" (-124 to -24). Within our retrieved data series this series is labeled "TRRB".

On page 135 in Hollstein's book the members of this tree ring collection are listed and described. We can then see that the oldest tree (nr 147) spans the time -340 to -101 while the youngest tree (nr 93) spans the time -310 to +71. But as described above our series "TRRB" ends at -24.

A look into the curve diagram reveals a curve labeled "TRIER, MOSELBRÜCKE I" starting at -24 with end year at +71 and labeled "TMB11" within our retrieved data series. The "TMB11" curve is most probably the missed young end of the "TRRB" series!"

Accordingly, the TRRB and the TMB11 series should be connected and handled as one long series covering the time -340 to +71 within the current Roman context!

Lars-Åke Larsson & Petra Ossowski Larsson 12 January 2016.

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