Earlywood/Latewood measuring in CooRecorder

Last update 30 Oct 2013.
Latewood and Earlywood registrations:
CooRecorder has a "w-mode", used to set woodtype border points, i.e. the borders between earlywood and latewood of the same growth season.

Best way to work is to first set all yearly ring width borders, then use the auto-mode to set the woodtype borders. Then adjust the positions of these new points with the replace command. Though you can always set all points by hand with the w-command!

When setting yearly ring borders, see that Sorted data (e.g. Dendro - yearly ringwidths) is selected for your image!
The auto-mode will then only create yearly ring border points!

After you then set Dendro Seasonwood: Latewood + Earlywood the automode will create only seasonwood points in areas where there is already at least one yearly ring border point! If there is no yearly ring border point at all in the area to auto-measure, then both yearly and seasonwood points will be created when "Latewood + Earlywood" is selected.

Note: The latter is not the preferable way to work! That way you will get more erroneous point settings caused by anomalies in the wood.

How to adjust the width of the latewood rings?
The auto mode mechanisms for calculating where season wood borders are, can be adjusted:
The width of the latewood can be shrinken or expanded as desired. This is fine for spruce (PCAB) where transitions between earlywood and latewood are very gradual!

The picture above shows the results from two different settings.

Measuring with Zero-ring segments of latewood

In segments where both full ring widths and latewood ring widths are very thin you may decide to only measure the full ring widths and not the seasonwood.

Such measurement results in "zero-rings" in the latewood .rwl file created afterwards in CDendro.
A "settings" parameter controls if the corresponding earlywood data should be "zeroed" or if full ring widths should be used as earlywood data in these zero-latewood-segments.

When measuring latewood/earlywood in CooRecorder:

First set all yearly ring borders!
Then decide which segments to complement with season wood points!
Use the Auto-mode for these segments and make adjustments by hand (use the S and R keys)!

The menu command "More/Add earlywood latewood border points" will set season wood points along the whole sample.
This is probably not to be recommended when many latewood rings are not measurable!

Gett high precision when setting Seasonwood points (W) and crackMarker points (M-command, indicated by %gap):

  • Seasonwood (W): Use Ctrl-Click to place a new seasonwood point and make it snap to a line between the two adjacent yearly border (latewood) points.
  • CrackMarker (M): Use Ctrl-Click to place a new crackmarker point and make it snap to a line between the two adjacent yearly border (latewood) points.

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