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Bigger files vs slow screen updates
Do you have slow and jerky screen updates?

Last update 30 Jan 2014.
From CooRecorder version 7.8 you can control the way the program updates your screen. There are actually two ways. One giving a very fast update though it implies a more tight limitation for the image size. The other method might give a slow screen update especially on old 32 bit Windows XP systems, though it has the capability of handling bigger images than the first method when there is enough internal memory available. The default setting is with the checkbox shown above unchecked.

You might experiment running CooRecorder with that checkbox checked if you have a problem with opening a big image. If you later work with smaller images but then get slow and jerky screen updates, then see that this checkbox is again unchecked!

If you are using CooRecorder version 7.7 and have a slow screen update problem or a problem with opening big files, then please read on!

For Blue channel measurements, there is an option to display the frames from which the blue channel data is collected. When the checkbox for this option is checked then the blue channel frames are shown but for CooRecorder 7.7 it also makes the screen updates go slow as described above! This "feature" was originally introduced for experimentation during program development but was then forgotten. This has been corrected from CooRecorder version 7.8

So if you are tormented by slow screen updates in CooRecorder 7.7, it might be because this checkbox is checked! If you are not doing blue channel measurements, just see that the box gets unchecked. If you want to do blue channel measurements but suffer of slow and jerky screen updates, you might consider to contact me to try the current 7.8 TEST system (if the regular 7.8 system has not been released when you read this).

Though if you have a too big file and want to anyhow open it on a system running CooRecorder 7.7, then you might check this box to enable "bigger file handling". But do not forget to uncheck the box when you are ready with that big file!

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