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Using CooRecorder to measure tree ring widths, blue channel data or plotted curves
CDendro Home

Last update 22 March 2020

About CooReCooRecorder 8.1
What's new in version 9.x?"

CooRecorder basics
Point labels and sample comments
CooRecorder display settings
Other settings - Are you having slow screen updates?
Dpi calibration and photo calibration
Ergonomical aspects

Dendro measurements
Adding year numbers to your ring borders
How to measure at right angles or over a crack
Auto place points: Measure ring widths automatically!!!
Check against a reference curve during measurement!
Distance and Rings to pith

Blue in CooRecorder 8.1:
(Version 8.1 now released!)
On blue channel measurements
Getting the blues from NAM01 - an example New!
The Densitometer
On XRay density measurements and calibration

On blue calibration:
Check your blue CI calibration
Calibration with EpsonScan, VueScan and CooRecorder
Blue CI calibration and dendro measurements
Easy ways to destroy absolute calibration
Make your own calibrated color patches
Delta-blue and calibration

Create ring width data out of an old curve plot
Retrieving data from a published plotted ring width curve