Ergonomical aspects

Last update 30 Oct 2013
Plotting sideways.
I get tired in my right arm and shoulder by moving my hand backwards and forwards with the mouse during a long time. I have found that it makes much less strain to me when I move my right hand SIDEWAYS. So when measuring a long dendro sample I find best to have the "measuring line" oriented horizontally on the screen.

Use optical mouse.
An optical mouse works much better than a mechanical one with a ball rolling on your table. An optical mouse gives you a lot of comfort!

Arrow keys to scroll.
To make scrolling the picture without using the mouse, you can use the arrow keys!

Click with a keyboard key instead of using the mouse button.
I also get tired in my right hand by clicking with the left mouse button on that many new coordinates. The command Settings/Key binding gives you a way of defining which keyboard key to be used as a synonym of the left button mouse key. I prefer to use the right shift key for this as it sits near the arrow keys on my keyboard. So I position the cursor with the mouse in my right hand, and click the coordinates on the keyboard with my left hand and I can quickly scroll using the arrow keys.
This way of using both hands when registering, works much faster and makes much less strain to your body than clicking again and again on the mouse!!!

Right-click to enter group mode
The right button of the mouse is bound to the button for switching recording modes i.e. from/to group recording.
For CDendro users, see the section "How to measure at right angles or over a crack" about how to shift the starting-point for the next ring width measurment.

Remember: Avoid harming your body by sitting long times doing tedious work! You can quite quickly get an inflamation in your shoulder or arm by sitting still during too long time with your arm strained. Especially if you are a bit old you can get that from only some hours of bad sitting and it may last for months before you get rid of it. Be careful!

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