CooRecorder display settings

Font size and color can be set for point numbers and labels.
Bolded numbers are easier to see!

Font and color information can even be written into the .pos file and used when the file is later opened. This is very useful when a coordinate file is used to set points and text on a map or on some other picture where the selection of a proper color is critical.
(See Settings/Other settings/When writing a coordinate file/Include font info and colors with file)

With the new "color circle" the selection of a suitable color is now very easy to do.

If the background is yellowish, then select a complementary color on the opposite side of the circle, e.g. blueish as in this example.

The measurment screen is updated all the time while you change the color!

Do not forget to set the Brightness (3) to the top of the vertical bar, otherwise most colors will be very dark!
And do not forget to save your settings if you want to use these settings the next time you start CooRecorder!

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