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Last update: February 7 2018
Read what one of our users, Mauri Timonen of the Finnish Forest Research Institute Metla, writes about this program package!
Scanner-based Tree-Ring Measurement System

The price for CDendro + CooRecorder TOGETHER is from 68 US$ (excl any VAT if applicable)

You can order this program set from the US company who is my distributor.

You can pay by credit card (e.g. VISA - online, by fax or by phone) or by using PAYPAL.
When  you have ordered CDendro+CooRecorder you will receive an email with a download-link to the installation program together with your registration keys.
When paying by card this is normally a very quick and automatic process!

Purchase CDendro & CooRecorder 9.2 for Windows from
dated February 5 2018.

You always get the download information directly by email!

Ordering option: There is an Extended Download Service offered by SWREG. With this service, SWREG retains a copy of your download, for a period of two years (check this!), should you need it again in the event of loss, a computer crash, virus, etc. This service might already be included on the order form. If you do not want it, you should remove/uncheck it from the form!

Paying by Visa (or equivalent) to SWREG is the fastest way to get the programs!
Paying by Visa is also the best way to avoid difficulties with e.g. wire transfers where ordering information sometimes is not properly included. In such cases SWREG may run into problems of connecting your transfered money with your order - which sometimes implies a delivery delay!

If you want to contact directly, go to the order form and scroll down to the bottom line. There you will find a link to contact information.

Please notice the .org in the internet address of, as there is another company operating with a .com address!

Upgrade your old registered CDendro/Coorecorder version to the current version 9.2 dated February 5 2018.

Upgrade your old version now through SWREG, only 22 US$

Please, read the information above on ordering options!
This upgrade product does not contain any register keys as you should use the keys of your old purchased CDendro version!

If there is anything unclear, please email me at

TRIAL versions of CDendro and CooRecorder

Both programs are available as 30 days TRIAL versions. Though these are not fully functional:

  • CooRecorderTRIAL can only save coordinates for at most  80 ring coordinates.
  • Points placed with the tool for automatic detection of ringborders in CooRecorderTRIAL cannot be saved.
  • CDendroTRIAL can only show 180 years long curve diagrams together with a reference of at most 350 years.
  • CDendroTRIAL cannot save collections of samples in decadal/Tucson format.
(The numbers above have been extended with version 9.2 to give you a better impression of the program capabilities.)

Each program does not cost more than a book... - so why not buy the complete package at once.

Downloading the TRIAL-versions of CDendro+CooRecorder

Download the 9.2 TRIAL versions of CDendro+CooRecorder (3.8 MB)

Link to Download CDendro Help files (not as updated as the internet site)

Installation:When you have downloaded the installation program, use Windows Explorer to

  1. Check and see that the downloaded file has ".exe" at the end of the file name (your Windows settings may prevent you from saving a downloaded file with that extension)
  2. double-click on the file name to start the installation program and follow the instructions.

Short technical requirements and considerations for running
CDendro and CooRecorder

Operating system: Only Windows! May run on other (e.g. MAC) systems when they have Windows installed (emulated).
Windows versions: Windows 7 and later. Current CDendro&CooRecorder version 9 will also run on Windows XP. Requires .NET Framework version 3.5 to be installed on your system - this is normally already installed on all modern Windows systems.

RAM memory/Primary memory: At least 3 GB of RAM. Will run on less but it will then not be possible to open some too big image files in CooRecorder.
As a reference: On my 64 bit Windows 10 machine with 16 GB RAM memory, I can open a big image which is 84000 pixels wide and 4000 pixels high, though it takes about six seconds to load (open) that file. After loading the program and image updates run as fast as when handling a normal small image.

Display: At least 1280x800, but 1680x1050 recommended with 24-bit color and 512 MB of dedicated VRAM, 2 GB is recommended.
(Big images are a limiting factor! You have to experiment to find out what you can open in CooRecorder. From a big cross-cut of a tree, scanned in high resolution, you will probably need to crop your image to only show the path along which you want to measure. Please be aware that your reasonably small but compressed .jpg file on your hard disk memory will expand quite a lot when you open it.)

20 MB of available hard-disk space for installation. What takes space on your hard disk will be your own scanned image files!

The size of text and other items in Windows should be set to 100%, i.e. you cannot run CDendro or CooRecorder with e.g. the text magnified by Windows as that will make some texts unvisible. This limitation might be a hindrance to some people.

Internet connection is necessary for access of documentation (help texts) which is only available online at

Language: Only available in English.

We sincerely recommend all customers to first test and try out the TRIAL version of CDendro & CooRecorder before ordering a copy of the full version!

February 7, 2018
Lars-Åke Larsson

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